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The Proco Style 440 BE Molded Expansion Joints can be used for corrosive applications that are found in industries such as chemical-petrochemical, industrial process piping systems, power generation plants, pulp/paper plants, water and wastewater sewage, and pollution control systems. Wherever metallic joints, lap joints, or PTFE and FEP-lined rubber expansion joints were previously used, the Proco Style 440 BE can also be used.

Some notable features of the Proco Style 440 BE include:

  • Absorption of pipe-wall and fluid-borne noise
  • Reduction of system stress and strain
  • Isolation of mechanical vibration and motion
  • Superior “Flex Life” and strength
  • Tested force pound and spring rate tables
  • Coated flanges and factory set limit bolts
  • Chemical service capability at minimal cost
  • Elimination of electrolysis
  • Protection against start up and surge forces

The PROCO Series 440 PTFE Molded Expansion Joints are used for corrosive applications found in: Chemical-Petrochemical, Industrial Process Piping Systems, Power Generation Plants, Pulp/Paper Plants, Water-Wastewater Sewage and Pollution Control Systems where metallic joints/lap joints or PTFE & FEP-lined rubber expansion joints may have been previously used or specified. Specify PROCO Series 440 expansion joints for installation between anchor points or next to mechanical equipment such as: Absorption Machines, Blowers, Chillers, Fans, Graphite Heat Exchangers, Glass Lined Vessels, Pumps, and Exotic Alloy/Plastic/Glass Lined Piping Systems. The Series 440 expansion joints are designed to: (1) Absorb Pipe Movements/Stress, (2) Reduce System Noise, (3) Reduce Mechanical Vibration, (4) Compensate Alignment/Offset, (5) Eliminate Electrolysis, (6) Protect against Start-up/Surge Forces. Our history in the manufacture of expansion joint products dates back to 1930. When an engineered solution is needed to solve a piping problem, call PROCO.

Engineered For Your Application. The PROCO Series 440 PTFE expansion joints are available in 2, 3, and 5 convolutions. Each convolution profile offers different overall lengths (face-to-face dimensions), movements and pressure/temperature rating to fit the required specification. Available styles include:

  • Style 442-BD: Features two convolutions for minimal movements, higher pressure/temperature ratings and short face-to-face opening requirements. Style 442-BD sizes range from 1' to 24' diameter. (See Table 1)
  • Style 443-BD: Features three convolutions and is designed for moderate movement and ease of system installation. Style 443-BD sizes range from 1' to 24' diameter. (See Table 2)
  • Style 445-BD: Features five convolutions, and is designed for maximum movements, low pressure/temperature ranges, vibration reduction and greater face-to-face lengths.
  • Style 445-BD sizes range from 1' to 20' diameter. (See Table 3)
  • Style 440-BE: Features varying Neutral Lengths with Styles’ 440-BD Limit Bolts. (See Table 4)

Absorbs Pipe-Wall and Fluid-Borne Noise. The quiet operating PROCO Series 440 PTFE expansion joints are a replacement for “sound transmitting” metallic/lap joints. Pipe Wall sound loses energy and is absorbed as the noise carried by the piping enters and exits the PTFE section. Fluid-borne noise is absorbed by the volumetric expansion (breathing of the connector). This action cushions water hammer and smoothes out pumping impulses.

Isolates Vibration and Motion. PROCO Series 440 PTFE expansion joints should be installed immediately after and ahead of equipment generating vibration in order to isolate the rotating/vibrating equipment from the rest of the piping system. For optimum performance, the PROCO Series 440 PTFE expansion joints should be installed horizontally to the shaft. Vertical and perpendicular installations are also acceptable as these expansion joints will accept axial, lateral and angular movements as well as vibration. Note: For maximum vibration transmission reduction, the pipe section beyond the PTFE expansion joints must be anchored or sufficiently rigid.

Reduces System Stress and Strain. Rigid attachment of piping to critical or mechanical equipment can produce excessive loading. Thermal or mechanically created strain-stressshock are cushioned and absorbed with the installation of a flexible, low spring rate, PROCO Series 440 PTFE expansion joint. The PROCO Series 440 PTFE expansion joint adds a flexible component to the system that automatically self-corrects for misalignment created by structural movements caused by settling, pipe expansion or ground shifts.

Tested Force Pound and Spring Rate Tables. At PROCO we have machine tested nearly every size of the Series 440 PTFE expansion joints for Axial and Lateral Spring Rates and have provided Thrust/Force factors so designers can properly design system restraints. It should be noted that the PROCO Series 440 PTFE expansion joints are in accordance with the performance characteristics of the Fluid Sealing Association’s NonMetallic Expansion Joint Division.

Superior “Flex Life” and Strength. The PROCO Series 440 PTFE expansion joints are contour molded from extruded tubing providing superior “Flex Life” and Strength. Utilizing TEFLON T-62 resins from DuPont, the PROCO Series 440 PTFE expansion joints provide dramatically more cycle life than that of PFA or FEP.

Flange and Limit Bolts. All PROCO Series 440 PTFE expansion joint flange configurations are coated with a rust inhibitive primer to prevent corrosion and are dimensionally tapped to ANSI 125/150# Standards. Hole drilling on center line, other drilling standards, or other flange materials, such as 316 stainless, 304 stainless, or Epoxy Coated flanges are available on special order. In addition, all PROCO Series 440 PTFE expansion joints are supplied with factory set limit bolts to prevent over-extension during operation.

Chemical Service Capability at Minimal Cost. Expensive, exotic metal, PTFE or FEP lined rubber expansion joints for severe chemical service can be replaced with the low cost PROCO Series 440 PTFE expansion joints. The PTFE bellows are van stoned to the flanges which allows all wetted surfaces to come in contact with only the PTFE material. Specify the PROCO Series 440 PTFE expansion joints where high temperatures coupled with lower pressures or lower temperatures coupled with higher pressures are proposed. The PROCO Series 440 PTFE offers the lowest cost expansion joint that is impervious to chemical attack. Use the PROCO “Chemical to Elastomer Guide” for reference on chemical compatibility.

Services and Locations. PROCO Series 440 PTFE Expansion Joints have been supplied and successfully used by a range of customers worldwide in the process industries for use in both organic and inorganic chemical processing and production, including such demanding applications as agrochemical and pharmaceutical chemical production, acid processing and food manufacture.

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