PT Limited

- Weigh System for Silos and Hoppers



Ideal for grain silo/hopper holding tanks, the kit consists of PT630 Digital Indicator, Accupoint Weigh Modules and PT100SBS summing box. Alternatively, the PT110LC transmitter can be used and linked to a PLC instead of PT630. PT630 is an advanced, high-quality general purpose weighing indicator for industry in a durable IP67 stainless steel housing. Ideal for platform, truck, and hopper scales among other applications and is available with a wide range of options. The Accupoint epitomizes quality in weighing measurement devices. Incorporating top-level protection while maintaining performance specifications, the Accupoint improves safety whilst reducing load cell damage and plant downtime. PT100SBS summing boxes are high-quality summing boxes with individual load cell adjustment in stainless steel housing. PT100LC is a basic load cell conditioner with pre-set filtering & analog output. It's easily mounted in control cabinets & connected to equipment with analog input.

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