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Precision Fine Tune Control Valve Precisely Controls Landfill Gas Flow, Control Valve QED’s Precision Fine Tune Control Valve (patent pending) is a revolutionary breakthrough in landfill gas well field tuning. Unlike traditional gate valves, this Control Valve allows you to easily and precisely adjust the gas flow from a well, rather than just turning the flow on or off. The valve design gives you the ability to achieve linear flow adjustment across the entire range of valve movement.

The valve also has a high visibility metered scale that allows you to observe the valve setting, and quickly and accurately return to the exact flow setting after a shutdown. The rising stem valve exposes more of the metered scale as it is opened, allowing you to see and record numerically exactly how far the valve is open.

Precision Fine Tune Control Valve

QED has upgraded its Fine Tune Control Valve with glass fiber reinforced polypropylene to add durability and increase the life of the Valve's active components. The new polymer construction of the Valve (a glass fiber reinforced polypropylene) provides UV resistance and higher temperature tolerance. These improvements mean the Valve is not prone to drying out and cracking, giving it a longer life with less maintenance. The upgraded Valve is also lighter in weight and has 40% more tensile strength than traditional PVC valves. The outer housing is a now a single, durable piece of glass fiber reinforced polypropylene molded in QED’s distinctive yellow color for increased visibility.

Landfill Gas Control Valve:

  • CV2000B Control Valve (2') - (PDF - Being Revised)(DWG - Being Revised)
  • CV3000 Control Valve (3') - (PDF) (DWG)

  • Fine adjustment over the entire range of valve movement.
  • Position scale shows exact valve setting and open/closed at a glance.
  • Glass fiber reinforced polypropylene adds durability and increases the life of the Valve's active components.

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