Qualichem, Inc.

Qualichem, Inc.

- Straight Oils



QualiChem has a complete line of straight cutting and grinding oils to meet any application requiring neat fluids including: honing, grinding, broaching and screw machines. These straight oils are available in paraffinic, napthenic, synthetic and vegetable oil base stocks.

  • XTREME CUT - Premium Straight Oils
  • XTREME DRILL - Premium Gun Drilling Oils
  • MET-CUT - Straight Oils
  • MET-DRILL - Gun Drilling Oils
  • MET-GRIND - Grinding Oils
  • Q-BROACH - Broaching Oils
  • Q-HONE - Honing Oils
  • EQO-MAX - Premium Synthetic Straight Oils
  • EQO-GRIND - Premium Synthetic Grinding Oils
  • Q-LAP - Lapping Oils
  • Q-MIST - Spray Mist Lubricants

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