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- Model NSI - Radially Split Single Stage Overhung Pumps (API Class OH2)



Featuring centerline support, the NSI is appropriate for many high-temperature applications.

    Maintenance can be carried out without disturbing the driver or the suction and discharge pipings.
  • Centerline support
    The casing is of centerline support design for eliminating the effect of the thermal expansion under the high temperature operating conditions.
  • Seal chamber
    Seal chamber dimensions conform to API 682 and API610 standards. All popular dual seals can be installed without having to make any modification.
  • Bearing cooling
    Forced air cooling by cooling fan or water jacket cooling is standard for the high temperature application.

1. Casing
The casing is designed fully in compliance with API610. The casing is metal-to-metal fitted with a controlled compression gasket. It ensures a perfect sealing without misalignment. Top centerline discharge nozzle ensures a self venting.

2. Seal chamber
The seal chamber is designed fully in compliance with the standard dimensions of API 682 and API610.

3. Bearings
Radial and thrust bearings are of sizes to meet the bearing life requirements of API610. (over 25000 operating hours)

4. Replaceable Labybinth end Seals and Deflectors
Labyrinth end seals and deflectors are installed at both ends of the bearing housing. Labyrinth end seals and deflectors are made of nonsparking materials.

5. Bearing housing
The bearing housing is equipped with a constant level sight feed oiler.

6. Lubrication
The bearings are lubricated with oil flinger.

7. Rigid Shaft
It minimizes shaft deflection and maximizes mechanical seal life.

8. Wear rings
Renewable wear rings are furnished on both the casing and impeller.

9. Impeller
Fully enclosed impeller is designed to meet the specific operating condition with the maximum efficiency and low NPSH. The impeller is dynamically balanced to meet the API610 requirement.

  • Max. Flow Rate up to 1500m3/h(6600 US GPM)
  • Max. Diff. Head up to 400 m(1310 feet)
  • Max. Operation Temperature up to 400°C(752°F)
  • Pressure Rating over 4 MPa(600 PSIG)

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