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- Model Disp-X - Bottle-top Dispensers



Handle reagents safely and easily. The Rainin Disp-X manual bottle top dispenser is a valuable tool to aliquot reagents quickly, reliably and safely. Built-in safety features protect the user from accidental spills and ensure smooth, trouble-free dispenser operation. For use with a wide range of compatible liquids – including corrosive and inflammable liquids,– Disp-X has a broad application base in biology, pharmaceutical, clinical, chemical and forensic labs. Disp-X can be used with a variety of liquid reagents while providing superior sealing overa wide range of temperatures and viscosities. Disp-X is available in 4 different volume ranges: 0.5 – 5 ml, 1 – 10 ml, 2.5 – 25 ml and 5 – 50 ml.

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