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Rainwater Harvesting


The average Irish household uses 150 Litres of water/person/day, only 75 Litres (50%) is required to be sterile. The remainder is ‘grey’ or ‘non-potable’ water usage, for which unsterilised water is adequate. These figures can be improved upon and with a little care and some simple water conservation techniques, it is often possible to reduce daily consumption to 100 - 120 Litres/person.Commercial water charges are levied on all businesses in the country by the Local Authorities. These charges are generally in the region of €1.50 to €3.00/m3. Large savings can be made by installing a Rainwater Harvesting System. Carlow Precast Tanks design & manufacture a range of Rainwater Harvesting tanks for the Domestic & Commercial markets - RAINstar - the rainwater harvesting solution.

  •     Basic Domestic - Garden Irrigation & Car Wash    Full Domestic - Toilet Flushing, Washing Machine,
  •     Outside Tap, Showers (optional)
  •     Commercial - Schools, Hotels, Hospitals, Offices, Industrial & Agricultural Buildings

Rainwater harvesting is the ability to capture grey/nonpotable water at the point where it falls and substitute it for mains water, in non-potable applications. The RAINstar collects the run-off from the roof area, via the sealed gutters. The flow is then passed through a series of filters. The first is the Leaf Filter, which removes leaves, twigs and other light debris. The water flows down into the underground concrete storage tank, through a calmed inlet.

Water is then pumped up, via a pressure switch & buffer vessel, to a Header Tank. This is then gravity fed into
separate pipework for non-potable applications - toilets, washing machines, outside tap. Enroute to the header tank, the harvested rainwater passes through two further filters - the final filter removing the fine sediment, down to 5 microns. In times of heavy rainfall, the RAINstar system is designed to overflow to storm drain via a trapped overflow syphon. If the tank runs empty, the system automatically switches over to the mains water supply. It’s that simple.

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