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Reliable Rudder and Nozzle Systems

Becker Marine Systems is the market leader in high-performance rudder and manoeuvring solutions for all types of vessel.


Each of these rudder systems combines a high degree of reliability with long life and a high yield. They are well thought-out, well-constructed and easy to fit. And it’s this combination that makes Becker the first choice for builders of luxury yachts, tankers, multipurpose vessels, container ships, passenger ships and cruise ships.

A duct ahead of the propeller
The Becker Mewis Duct® consists of a duct that is fitted in two sections ahead of the propeller together with an integrated fin system. The duct accelerates the hull wake into the propeller. Together with the fin system, this results in increased propeller thrust.

Guaranteed lower power consumption or higher speed
The Becker Mewis Duct® is an energy-saving device designed for full-form, slower vessels that provides either significant fuel savings at a given speed or allows the vessel to travel faster at a given power level. The Mewis Duct also reduces CO2 and NOx emissions. So this time the environmentally friendly solution comes from underwater. But Becker goes a step further: it is the only manufacturer to provide a money-back guarantee that its devices will function as promised.

  • Flap rudders
  • Twisted rudders
  • Schilling rudders
  • NACA profile rudders
  • HERUS® rudders
  • Becker Mewis Duct®
  • Becker Intelligent Monitoring Systems
  • Automatic Material Handling

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