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- Compact Rotary Drill



The Ripamonti Birdie is a compact rotary drill, ideal for foundation work, civil engineering and quarry work where a smaller, easily transportable drill is desired.   The Biridie has stood up to tough and remote drilling conditions around the world, and excels at anchoring, micropiles, shallow water wells, restoration jobs as well as geotechnical and environmental investigations.  Suitable for drilling with 3 inch and 4 inch DTH hammers and hydraulic light drifters. The Birdie can be disassemble into a few light and compact pieces, making this unit very versatile and easy to transport, even by helicopter.

  • Light and compact
  • Power pack is easily removed from the tracks
  • Drill mast is detachable from the rig, allowing for use on scaffolds
  • Extendable track base (760  - 1160 mm)
  • Hydraulic control panel with proportional directional valves for both tracks and drilling
  • Two front and one rear stabilizing cylinders

  • 360 degree rotating device for mast
  • 180 degree hydraulic rotating device on base frame for side drilling
  • Rotary head side shift
  • Radio remote control panel
  • Hydraulic winch with 800 kg max pull 
  • Extension hose kit
  • Clamping device (25-90 or 50-152)
  • Clamping and breaking (25-90 or 50-152)

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