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Demand to provide our customers with complete packaging systems have led us to start manufacturing our own bulk handling solutions. We now have a wide range of hoppers and in-feed systems to suit a variety of products. We build hoppers and conveyors that are built to withstand the most abrasive products, Systems that are robust and guaranteed to last 20 years of service. 

The BB-200 is a robust IBC bag filling system designed to accept various products, allowing users more flexibility to utilise the system to bag a broader range of materials. System includes a hopper, belt conveyor and filling frame. The channelled arms on the bag filling frame are designed to accept 4 looped bulk IBC's. Once filled the bag can be removed with ease by using a fork lift truck. Operators are simply required to place a standard 4 looped IBC bag onto the filling arms. Once in place the operator starts the filling process by pressing the green button. The system will automatically switch off once the desired weight has been met. Weightments can be easily changed on the weigh indicator. Filled IBC’s are removed with a Forklift truck.

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