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The original Beach King established Rockland as the premier manufacturer of beach cleaning equipment. Since that time, Rockland has been experimenting and consulting with customers as to how our machines can clean beaches even better. The result is the Beach King II. The Beach King II is the result of combining the newest technology, next generation materials, and most importantly - 30 years of past experience and customer suggestions. There isn't a machine that cleans better. With Rockland firsts such as improved belt action for better sifting , adjustable feed reel, Supershield™ protective coating, and stainless steel frame construction - if your beach requires deep precise cleaning - this is the machine for you. The Beach King II will clean more efficiently, have lower maintenance costs, and clean more beach per hour than any other sifting style machine. Guaranteed.

Conveyor Belt - The Beach King® II's standard belt is made of woven steel mesh. This belt will last for years and give you maximum sifting ability per cubic ft. of sand. Rockland's stainless steel belt is also available for this machine. Click here to learn more.

Improved Belt Action - A Rockland exclusive. Traditionally, sifting type beach cleaning machines have offered an incredible amount of cleaning efficiency - they get anything and everything out of the sand, but have to operate at a very slow speed. Not anymore! With the Beach King's improved belt action, sand that is to be cleaned is sifted through a belt that bounces! This bouncing action sifts much more sand per minute than an ordinary sifting machine can handle, and it keeps sand out of the bucket. Click here for more information on why the Beach King® II will keep more of your sand on the beach than any other machine.

Scarifier - The adjustable scarifier on the Beach King® II levels and smoothes the beach before sand is processed. When in the down position, the scarifier prevents large objects from entering the machine. The machine can be run with the scarifier engaged or with the scarifier disengaged - perfect for cleaning seaweed and other fine bulky material.

Drive System - PTO driven, machine mounted, hydraulic drive system. The belt and feed reel speed are controlled from the operator's seat by way of an electric control module and speeds can be changed on the fly as the sand conditions dictate. Using multiple tractors for one machine is a snap. Just hook up the PTO and run the control module through the window and you're ready to go!

Power Feed Reel - Delivers a smooth, continuous flow of sand and trash to the conveyor belt for maximum productivity. The operating height is adjustable to suit different sand conditions - which is perfect for seaweed surface sifting or deep cleaning.

Frame - The King's frame is designed to be easily cleaned after each days use. No channels, angles, or clips that trap sand and cause costly corrosion. Built of high-strength sealed steel tubing and formed plates, your Beach King® II is going to be around for a long time! A 100% stainless steel frame is also available as well as Rockland's exclusive Supershield™ coating.

Bucket Capacity - The Beach King® II's bucket has a 2.2 cubic yard capacity and can be dumped at any height. Which means you spend more time on the beach and less time traveling to the dumpster. The Beach King® II has a maximum dump height of 9 feet and can dump at any height - great for those windy days when you don't want trash blowing all over your freshly cleaned beach!

Light Package - All Rockland Beach King® II's are equipped with a complete light package. Perfect for busy beaches, all standard turning, braking, and hazard signals are available to the operator directly from the cab. Lights are especially useful when cleaning beaches at night or when cleaning early in the morning.

Groomer - A groomer is standard equipment on all Beach King® II beach cleaning machines. The groomer levels the beach behind the machine, leaving the beach as it should be - safe, smooth, and clean. The groomer is lowered when the belt is engaged, and is automatically raised when the belt is stopped. This unique feature eliminates the need for an additional tractor hydraulic circuit.

Product Options - The Beach King® II is available with many options and due to Rockland's custom manufacturing ability, if you don't see an option you are looking for - just ask us! Chances are that we can get it done for you! Below are a few of the options that we offer for the Beach King® II beach cleaning machine:

  • Supershield™ anti-corrosive/anti-wear coating - a Rockland exclusive. Click here to learn more!
  • Any standard color you desire!
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Stainless Steel Belt - a Rockland exclusive.
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing
  • Imron® Paint - any standard color available.

Warranty - All Beach King® II beach cleaning machines are guaranteed against failure due to defective design, workmanship, or materials for a period of one year or 2,000 hours. All machines equipped with Supershield™ are also guaranteed for
10 years against failure due to rust or corrosion.

Export Model - In addition to our standard model beach cleaners, Rockland Beach Cleaners are also available in an export model for shipment overseas. Click here for a side by side comparison.

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