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The PureBox FX and FXM are two of several versions of the PureBox product and are designed to treat naturally occurring waters (such as rivers,streams, lakes, or fresh water wells) that do not require removal of dissolved solids. They are also an excellent choice for pretreaent of reverse osmosis feed water including seawater desalination applications. The FX version utilizes a zeolite filtration media while the FXM utilizes high performance membrane filtration for superior suspended solids removal. The PureBox FX and FXM series of treaent systems has a number of benefits that makes it an excellent choice for your water treaent application.

Portability — The system is completely self-contained in an intermodal shipping container. Simply unload the container, make piping and electrical connections, and start treating water.

Flexibility — As your water treatment needs change, the additional PureBoxTM systems may be added or changed easily.

Security — The lockable containers provide excellent security for the water treatment equipment.

Quality — PureBoxTM FX and FXM are designed and built by RODI Systems Corp., a leader in the construction of portable water treatment systems.

Dependability — RODI’s portable systems are serving as dependable sources of clean water around the world.

  • Emergency Relief
  • Small Communities
  • Remote Work Camps
  • Military Facilities
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Housing Developments

  • Production Capacity 15,000 to 250,000 gallons per day.
  • Container Seaworthy “one trip” intermodal dry freight container. Container is equipped with a valid CSC plate. Insulation and climate control are available as options.
  • Construction FRP and 316SS structural members. Non-metallic vessels. Piping is Sch 80 PVC.
  • Treatment Technology FX Version - Zeolite media filtration followed by catalytic carbon and hypochlorite injection. FXM Version - Hollow fiber membrane filtration followed by hypochlorite injection.
  • Controls and Instrumentation Totally automatic PLC-based control system with graphic operator interface. Full complement of electronic sensors including pressure and flow.
  • Available Options Insulation and climate control, remote monitoring, on-site commissioning and operator training.

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