Colorado Lining International, Inc. (CLI)

RPE Geomembranes - (Reinforced Polyethylene)


An extremely durable product, RPE is UV stable and is designed to be left exposed. It is a proven solution mostly due to its excellent puncture resistance. RPE can be used in exposed wastewater treatment plants, agricultural ponds, oil & gas temporary evaporation ponds, aquaponics, golf course pods, irrigation reservoirs and more.

Reinforced Polyethylenes (RPE) are manufactured from a very chemical-resistant, Linear Low Density Polyethylene with excellent cold crack performance.

RPE is formulated with thermal and UV stablizers to ensure long life and excellent chemical resistance. It is available in various colors (colors are available after consultation as special order items with a minimum sf purchase) for an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Product Warranty

Warranties range from 5-20 years and are subject to thickness, application, and regional factors.

RPE is heat welded under controlled conditions into panels at the CLI fabrication facility. It is available in 30 mil, 36 mil, and 45 mil thicknesses.

CLI fabricates RPE in panels of up to 30,000 sf.

CLI installs RPE using heat fusion welding equipment, operated by a trained technician, which offers a high quality lining system.

Design Notes
RPE is a fish friendly material and is available in several colors without sacrificing any of its desirable properties (colors are a special order with a minimum sq purchase).

  • Available in 30, 36 & 45 mil
  • Exceptional tear and tensile strength         
  • Requires no cover soil
  • Excellent chemical resistance         
  • Excellent weather ability
  • Available in colors         
  • Quick installation
  • Superior UV and Ozone resistance

  • Decorative Ponds & Water Features
  • Golf Course Ponds    
  • Agriculture
  • Lakes & Streams    
  • Reservoirs
  • Tank Lining    
  • Irrigation Ponds
  • Secondary Containment    
  • Floating Covers
  • Mine Tailings    
  • Canals & Channels
  • Wastewater Treatment Facilities

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