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Sand Separation


Sand is the ultimate bedding from the standpoint of dairy cow health. Sand provides a healthy environment for the udder, keeps cows cleaner, and aids in cow traction on slick concrete. However, disadvantages of sand bedding stem from the fact that when manure is mixed with sand, it becomes incompatible with long-term storage practices.  When sand is mixed with manure the result is a mixture that is difficult to agitate, pump, and land-apply, and its abrasive nature results in excessive wear on equipment. The McLanahan Sand-Manure Separator (SMS) removes bedding sand from dairy manure prior to long-term storage of the manure fraction. Utilizing proven sand processing technology, the SMS recovers a sand fraction suitable for reuse as bedding and a manure fraction containing minimal amounts of the

Standard Units are available in two sizes:

SMS-20 (20' x 22')
Capacity (cow-day/hour): 60 to 90
Electric Motors (hp): 5 hp, 3/4 hp air compressor
Water Requirements (gpm): 20 to 30 gpm recycled water, 2 to 3 gpm fresh

SMS-36 (36' x 33')
Capacity (cow-day/hour): 150 to 200
Electric Motors (hp): 10 hp, 3/4 hp air compressor
Water Requirements (gpm): 80 to 100 gpm recycled water, 3 to 5 gpm fresh

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