Sanitizing System



Ozone is an effective alternative to the use of disinfectants for its high sanitizing power. Its high oxidizing power and the natural tendency to return oxygen allow you to develop integrated systems of sanitation that can take advantage of the bactericidal action of the gas converting it to oxygen at the end of treatment. It is powereful to eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold and unpleasant odors. The new technique based on the use of ozone sanitization, can also be applied when celaning with a RCM scrubber, reducing / eliminating chemicals use. This technology is applicable to any type of floor, especially where it is desirable to have a complete sanitation considering the amount of people passing every day, as in the case of public places. Eco3sanitizing catalyses into oxygen the remaining ozone avoiding the external expulsion, in full compliance with the laws in force.

Tested efficiency with over 97% reduction of bacteria.

Partial or total reduction of chemical detergents replaced by the high inactivating oxidizing power of the ozone.

Reduction of the purchasing costs and management of chemical products. Non-existing costs for OZONE production.

No environmental impact thanks to the ability of ozone of not leaving residuals. Minimal environmental impact duethe use of OZONE in combination with small concentration of detergents.

Thanks to the in-line system, ECOSANITIZING immediately generates ozonated water after the activation of the brushes combined with the forward of the machine, making it ready to be used.

ECOSANITAZING generates stabilized and controlled ozone, making a safety use for the operator and reducing
the risk of manipulation of chemical substances. 

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