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Hybrid-Drive Option for Single, Dual, and Quad-Shaft Shredders. The best of electric and hydraulic drives in a single new design. Granutech’s patent-pending hybrid-drive system provides the best of both worlds, drawing the best benefits from both electric and hydraulic drive mechanisms, in a single “hybrid” design. This means that all Saturn-brand shredders are now available with optional hybrid-drive, exclusively from Granutech.

The hybrid drive is the most energy-efficient, powerful, and durable design to power single, dual or quad-shaft industrial shredders on the market today. Providing up to 30% higher performance with constant horsepower operation compared to traditional hydraulic drives, the hybrid-drive also enables higher capacity and throughput compared to traditional electric or hydraulic drives. Variable shaft speed, with constant horsepower operation means that the shaft speed of the shredder is constantly changing to provide speed when product is easy to shred and torque for tough materials. This maximizes shredder throughput regardless of the material being processed and translates to higher reliability and throughput and reduced cost of operation.

With a built-in quick stop feature and no planetary gearbox, Saturn shredders equipped with the hybrid-drive handle high shock-high reversal applications with ease. Saturn Hybrid-Drive Shredders also deliver the same shock absorption as shredders fitted with traditional hydraulic drives, but with an average 50% smaller footprint than hydraulic or electric. Hybrid-Drive Saturn Shredders also handle a broader mix of scrap material- including tougher material normally reserved for hydraulic drive machines.

View our brochure and contact us today to order your Saturn single, dual, or quad-shaft shredder equipped with the patent pending hybrid drive option.

  • Constant Horsepower: delivering torque when you need it and speed when you don’t providing maximum throughput
  • Continuous Torque Rating: 100% duty cycle for torque rating unlike peak torques advertised for electric drive machines
  • Compact footprint: 50% smaller than traditional hydraulic drive and 15% smaller than electric drive (Drive system is small enough to be integrated with the shredder on one stand.)
  • No Planetary gearbox or clutches: eliminating components that are sensitive to shock loads and expensive to repair
  • Lower Maintenance: fewer components built-in mechanical shock protection provide ruggedness.
  • More Efficient: no in-rush current spikes during start-up or reversals and high efficiency components ensure maximum horsepower is put into shredding material.
  • Rugged: delivers same shock absorption as hydraulic drives
  • Handles broader mix of scrap material: including tougher material normally reserved for hydraulic drive machines

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