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- SCADA & Telemetry Platform



SCOPE from Servelec Technologies is a feature rich, enterprise SCADA and telemetry solution for monitoring and controlling a diverse range of assets in real-time. SCOPE securely unifies people, processes and assets from small plant installations through to the management of entire organisations’ operational networks.

  • SCOPE Artisan
  • SCOPE Intuition
  • SCOPE Nexus
  • SCOPE Prism

  • Drives organisational improvement
  • Ensures regulatory compliance
  • Increased Visibility
  • Integrates with other systems
  • Protects your assets
  • Various deployment option

WITS Certified

SCOPE is a fully WITS (Water Industry Telemetry Standards) compliant master station proving its interoperability with other WITS-approved field devices including Servelec Technologies Seprol range of RTUs. WITS certification ensures the device has:

  • A single protocol to support multiple vendors
  • Secure authentication between RTUs and master station
  • A common configuration and application programme
  • Flexible configuration options

Real-time data engine

Nexus is SCOPE’s real time data engine; whether you need to automate the simplest of processes or require an enterprise level SCADA solution Nexus makes it possible. Nexus provides a highly resilient, efficient and flexible platform to scan, control and integrate real-time data from a wide range of industry standard telemetry devices.


Intuition extends SCOPE’s core alarm system and provides advanced features to efficiently manage and track all reported alarms from notification to resolution. Intuition provides:

  • Secure access to alarm notifications in real-time
  • Integration with other systems such as rotas or corporate HR
  • Proactive escalation, targeted delivery and annunciation for out-of-hours incidents
  • KPI reporting aids and operational analysis
  • Mobile alarm resolution tracking

Graphical User Interface

The Prism graphical user interface consists of a comprehensive control room/supervisor interface and a lightweight mobile-ready version that is built on HTML5 and leading web technologies. Together they provide users with access to all SCOPE functionality, plant displays, tools and utilities.

Config management

Artisan is SCOPE’s configuration management solution. It integrates with core SCOPE telemetry and allows configuration changes to be efficiently managed. It enforces a hierarchy driven view on assets and their associated data.

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