- Towable Transfer Tanks



SeaContainer Towable Transfer Tanks are floating, towable tanks for use with a variety of fill and drain connections and relief valves. They are highly flexible for compact storage.

  • Hydrodynamically contoured for high speed towing
  • Easy fill and drain with negligible residuum.
  • Tracks readily around obstacles.
  • Low towing drag resistance.
  • Automatic gas venting.
  • Tow from either end.
  • Low cost.
  • Easily cleaned.
  • Easily handled by two men.
  • Removable head for inspection.
  • Materials resistant to oil and water.
  • Fill/drain capability forward and aft.
  • High visibility yellow color.
  • Floatation cushions built-in.
  • Bumpers incorporated for wear resistance.
  • Moors close alongside vessel.

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