Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

- Model i-Series - Hemp Analyzer System


A complete turnkey HPLC analyzer for quantitative determination of cannabinoid content in hemp.

Turnkey HPLC Analyzer
The package is designed for hemp analysis through quantitation of the active cannabinoid constituents. It includes all required hardware, software, consumables, and analysis workflow so the analyst is running samples in the shortest possible time.

Choice of 3 Proven HPLC Methods
Three proprietary instrument methods to meet your analytical objectives. No need to spend valuable lab time developing methods – just run samples.

3 Years Warranty and Preventive Maintenance
Never worry about whether your analyzer will be fully functional and running samples.

Accurate Results from Real-World Sample Extracts
The following is an overlay of a flower sample with the standards supplied in the High-Sensitivity Method package.

High Throughput Method

When high sample throughput is paramount – 60 samples per 8 hr. day. Quantitative for 10 cannabinoids (no THCV) in under 8 minutes. Developed in collaboration with commercial testing laboratories.

HPLC-017–Learn more in this application news about the High Throughput Method

High Sensitivity Method

When THCV is important, yet with good sample throughput – 48 samples per 8 hr. day. Quantitative for 11 cannabinoids (including THCV) in under 10 minutes. The method provides the sharpest chromatographic peaks and best sensitivity.

HPLC-016-Learn more in this application news about the High Sensitivity Method

High Resolution Method

For baseline separation of 11+ components, including THCV. Minimum Resolution = 2.0. 16 samples per 8 hr. day. This is the preferred method when performing research, adding additional compounds, or state regulations change.

HPLC-015–Learn more in this application news about the High Resolution Method