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Rubber Pulverizer: The rubber pulverizer is special tire recycling equipment to produce 30-120mesh fine rubber powder. This tire recycling equipment is designed to grind l-6mm rubber granules from RG series rubber granulators to 30-120 mesh fine rubber powder according to demand. It features with convenient operation, high speed grinding disc which makes a continuous operation.

This tyre recycling equipment composes of one rubber pulverizer, cyclone collection structure and whole electrical system. The main recycling machine, rubber pulverizer include main motor, infinitely variable transmission motor, feeding and adjustable parts, as well as one pair stationary and rotary grinding discs. The basic principle of the scrap tyre recycling machine is the two discs rotate in different orient creates friction between them, this friction generates forces to cut and grind the materials until desired size reached. It adopts wind and water cooling system to control the grinding temperature, makes sure the high quality of the grinded material, so as to meet the products requirement.

This structure of tyre recycling equipment is compact with low noise, high output, low energy consume, which is easy to disassemble and assemble. According to all the advantages it has, the miller is easy to operate and the output fine powder is extremely uniform.

'The internal wear surfaces are lined with replaceable wear liners that are easily changed when worn. This exclusive feature of rasper eliminates the need for any maintenance welding and results in greater machine uptime.

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