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Single Robot Tank System (SRT)



The Mueller SRT-system (Single Robot Tank) has been primarily designed to make the Mueller milk cooling tank suitable for being used as a single robot tank system. New Mueller milk cooling tanks, equipped with MIII cleaning- and control unit, are already prepared to function as 'Single Robot Tank'. The system is saving space and is fully automated thanks to the advanced communication with the milking robot. The milk is cooled down from the very first drop without any risk of freezing.

Milk cooling

Cow milk is collected at an average temperature of around 37°C, the body temperature of the animal. In fresh milk from healthy cows one can hardly find harmful micro organisms. However, since fresh milk is an excellent growth medium for bacteria, the milk must be protected against contamination after milking. If the milk is stored and cooled immediately, at a temperature of around 4°C, the growth of bacteria will be minimal.

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