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Single-Zone Refrigerant Leak Monitor


Bacharach’s Single-Zone gas leak monitors offer superior performance, flexibility and functionality for low level continuous monitoring of refrigerants, carbon dioxide or ammonia. The 10 inch (250 mm) infrared sensor together with the built-in library of 50 gases enables the Single-Zone to accurately detect and measure levels as low as 1 ppm. The backlit graphic LCD display and status LEDs provide an at-a-glance system overview. Auto-calibration feature minimizes maintenance needs. The Single-Zone is a robust leak detector offering effective refrigerant management. The earlier a small leak is detected, the sooner countermeasures can be initiated to mitigate costly refrigerant loss. On-board relays enable activation of alarms or ventilation systems when a programmable detection threshold is exceeded. Using the analog output, the Single-Zone can be integrated into any BMS/BAS system.

Refrigerant Leak Monitor
  • Proprietary infrared (NDIR) sensing technology
  • Detect and measure all CFC, HFC, HCFC, ammonia and carbon dioxide leaks
  • Low detection capability (as low as 1 ppm)
  • Long sampling distance (up to 500 ft/152 m)
  • Simple out-of-the-box installation

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