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The Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) is a variation of the Activated Sludge, the most widely applied biological treatment process. The SBR offers the great benefit of having all the process stages (i.e. equalization, aeration and clarification) in the same tank unlike conventional activated sludge systems in which the same processes are accomplished in separate tanks.

Our SBR systems are designed to have sewage or various industrial wastewaters treated. By using the right tanks, optimum equipment and sophisticated controls, our SBRs are able to deliver the best this technology may offer.      

Different SBR systems are offered with respect to capacity and available space for installation configuration. The same process may take place in concrete tanks for which we provide the detailed design or in modular bolted tanks made of stainless steel. The latter option is the most time and cost effective as the modules of the tanks are prepared in our factory and are ready for assembly on site.    

Concrete tanks may be installed above or underground while modular stainless steel tanks are suitable for above ground installation on a concrete slab.

  • Separate pretreatment unit (FOG and grit removal) which performs collection, balancing and pumping of raw wastewater into the reactor. It is normally installed underground and instead of stainless steel, it could be made of concrete
  • SBR tank which performs all the treatment stages in sequence per batch of sewage or wastewater. 
    • Fill
    • React (aeration and mixing)
    • Settle (sedimentation/clarification)
    • Draw (decanting of effluent)
    • Idle

For the execution of the above stages a number of pieces of equipment are required: feed pumps, fine bubble diffusers, level sensors and controls, excess sludge removal pump, floating decanter, submersible mixer(s) etc.

  • Separate tank for final effluent collection and disinfection before it is disposed for irrigation
  • Separate control cabinet to house the air blowers, control unit, and dosing stations for chlorine and coagulant/flocculant when required

  • SBR tanks could be made of concrete or of stainless steel AISI 304 (or AISI 316 upon demand) in the form of modular bolted tanks
  •  All wet parts made of corrosion free materials (i.e. stainless steel, UPVC, PE or other plastics)

All components and pieces of equipment such as feeding pumps, submersible mixers, fine bubble diffusers and controls are sourced by reputable international manufacturers with whom we have long term partnerships. 

Modular stainless steel tanks, decanters, aeration system, etc are in-house designed and manufactured to the highest specification standards and with materials and processes that fit for each particular purpose.

The key characteristic of SBRs is that all process stages are completed in the same tank. A number of significant advantages derive out of this such as:

the simplicity of the construction and installation, the reduced erection cost, the large operation flexibility in terms of flow and load variations, the lack of operation and maintenance problems, the ability to be operated remotely, the minimal sludge bulking and the ability to achieve nitrification, denitrification and phosphorus removal.

Naturally, the SBRs bring with them all the other benefits that Activated Sludge systems offer: Stability, odorless operatrion and the ability to produce high quality effluent for the price.

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