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Slurry Pump

Features According to the requirements for transporting the ash slurry in power plants, metallurgy, mines and coal industry and so on, based on the dozens of years of experiences, we developed the ZGB(P) slurry pump which has big flow, high head and can be connected multi-stage in series, its features are following: 1. The structure of ZGB (P) pump is horizontal, single-suction, single-stage, cantilever, double-casing and centrifugal, and the wet parts of the same discharge between ZGB and ZGBP can be interchanged; 2. Designed with CAD software, good hydraulic performance, high efficiency and lower abrasion; 3. Wider flow channel, good ability of non-clogging and NPSH; 4. Expeller seal combined with packing seal and mechanical seal to guarantee that no leakage will happen; 5. Reliable design ensures the MTBF (Mean Time between Failures) can be increased significantly; 6. Bearing is lubricated with thin oil, and it can work under low temperature by setting the lubric

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