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- Wireless Compactor Monitoring & Management System

SmartTrash Monitoring Base Station allows us to monitor your compaction equipment remotely, using integrated wireless communications.

The SmartTrash compactor monitor hardware is installed on or near to the compactor's control panel.  It will timestamp, record and analyse all of the compactor activity; including energy utilisation, directional valve shifts, safety door switches and the pick up and return of the compactor.

Compactor data from the SmartTrash unit is relayed to our Data Centre and uploaded into our SQL Database Management Software, where it is processed and evaluated by our 24/7 trained personnel, who monitor fullness, check performance and who are focused on making sure your compactor is exchanged 'just in time'.

SmartTrash is the only waste management system offering a full range of data mining and control features.  All of the data is stored and backed up on our server, allowing us to create bespoke reporting on the savings, weights achieved and the detailed activity of your compactor.  SmartTrash can be used on compactors, balers, waste chutes, lifters, conveyors and scales.  Whether you want to limit access, count bales, troubleshoot equipment, optimise pickups or simply make sure your container is never overweight, SmartTrash can provide you a solution for greater efficiency.

SmartTrash RFID Card Access System allows you to control and log individual usage of electrically interlocked compactors, balers or gravity waste chute intake doors.  This prevents unauthorised people from using the compactor, and is especially beneficial in multi-tenant facilities where it can be almost impossible to track the compactor's usage and by whom.

SmartTrash Nodes can extend the functionality of the SmartTrash monitor hardware base station to control various types of equipment, while recording event data for up to 64 wireless devices.  This would be ideally placed in organisations with multiple compactors on site.

By installing the SmartTrash monitor and optimising compactor exchanges without causing “pack-outs” or unnecessary pickups, expensive transportation costs can be eliminated. We maintain competitive pricing and avoid high upfront costs. Our product solution is simple, reliable and has been proven to save our customers a minimum of 25% on their waste disposal costs.

Now your staff can concentrate on being more efficient in your business without the need of supervising a non-productive activity.

SmartTrash eliminates the requirement for your staff to physically check on the compactors fullness, no need to manually schedule collections, and with our standard and bespoke reporting suite, you can receive reports to illustrate collection dates and weights; an essential for bill validation, compactor usage by day/night and environmental & cost savings reports to name but a few.

We are committed to the principle of operational efficiency and reducing transport costs which assist in less traffic, fuel and pollution.

This is easily achieved by reducing the number of unnecessary collections, therefore reducing your organisations carbon footprint and meeting your sustainability goals.

Why do customers choose SmartTrash?

Price: We maintain competitive pricing, and SmartTrash actually saves you money!
Customer Service: We go the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied with our service and products.
Technology & Experience: SmartTrash is continually being developed bringing you the latest capabilities.
Reporting Benefits: Comprehensive suite of customized downloadable reports, including Usage Activity, Dates & Weights, and Environmental & Financial Savings.
Saves you Time: SmartTrash will take care of requests directly with your service provider.
Its Green: Building a Cleaner Environment -Fewer trips equates to less traffic, fuel & C02.

A true management system

  • Real time monitoring of all compactor activity
  • Schedule's pickups directly with hauler
  • Compatible with existing hauler
  • No more emergency, late exchanges or empty pickups
  • No intrusion into the compactor hydraulic system
  • Track Performance
  • Less wear & tear on property

Flexibility, Versatility & Security

SmartTrash  is built on specialized sophisticated hardware designed and manufactured in California. Users can securely connect to the system from anywhere in the world.

An extensible system

SmartTrash  Node system can collect data on up to 64 different pieces of equipment at a given location. SmartTrash  RFID card system is used to prevent unauthorized usage of equipment. SmartTrash  Software is 'cloud' based and continually updated to add new features.

System Technology

SmartTrash  hardware is installed on the compactors control panel. SmartTrash  timestamps, records and analyzes all compactor activity; energy utilization, directional valve shifts, safety door switches and the pick up and return of the equipment. All of the data is then transmitted wirelessly from anywhere in the world to our SmartTrash data center. Phone lines and network connection devices are not necessary. All data is accessible via the SmartTrash  client software which works on any Java or web enabled computer with internet connection around the globe.

Constantly maximizing your compaction equipment and reducing unnecessary pick-ups

Communicates wirelessly between you and our servers

Captures detailed reportable history

Fully monitored by our team of professionals, so you don't have to!

  • 8.5 x 8.5x5.375” weatherproof NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure
  • Remote Control Computer (RCC) with embedded microprocessor using an 8 bit A/D converter for real time current sensor input & 7 digital inputs for monitoring compactor control status (2 powered)
  • Battery Backed memory with 10 year data life in event of power failure
  • Utilizes advanced 2.5G CDMA 1xRTT or 2.0G GPRS technology
  • Operates at 824-894 and 1850-1990 mHz which allows installation virtually anywhere in the world where cellular service is available

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