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- Model UF - Ultrafiltration (UF) Membranes



SnowPure’s ExcellUltra ultrafiltration (UF) membranes are uniquely designed for pretreatment of RO membranes, and for final filtration of ultrapure water.

  • Spiral-wound or flat-sheet
  • Strong membrane construction avoids weak PVDF Hollow Fiber breakage
  • Spiral-wound UF modules with parallel spacer construction have low pressure drop and are easy to clean

  • Low fouling pretreatment of RO feedwater (UF-RO-EDI)
  • Polishing of ultrapure water
  • Pharmaceutical USP water
  • Virus and endotoxin removal

  • SXU-R
  • SXU-T
  • SXU-V

New Products

  • SXU-RCT Ceramic 10k MW UF hydrophilic 70C pH 13.5
  • SXU-RCH Ceramic 10k MW UF hydrophilic 50C
  • SXU-UCT Ceramic 100k MW UF hydrophilic 70C pH 13.5
  • SXU-UCH Ceramic 100k MW UF hydrophilic 50C

Membranes are key components of today’s high-technology chemical-free water and process separations. Our ExcellMembranes products can be deployed across many markets and process applications.

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