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Category: Groundwater , Surface water , Water Quality , Meteorology , Waste Water: -Data management software (Windows) to manage and archive large amounts of data -Paradox database (default), Oracle, MySQL, SAP (option) -Automatically import of (logger) time series -Available as single and multi-workstation version -Automatic calculations based on mathematical formulas or table pictures -User Management to protect against unauthorised access -Export of time series in different file formats (e.g. ASCII, csv, txt, ZRXP) -Graphical and tabular time series visualisation DEMASvis

DEMASdb is a graphical database interface that was specifically designed for the collection, storage and management of measurement data. The application is suitable for both large and small monitoring networks. DEMASdb channels and imports the incoming measurement data manually or automatically, introducing them in the Paradox database and thus keeping everything in order. Alternatively, DEMASdb can also be connected to the existing SQL databases (e.g. Oracle, MySQL). DEMASdb is also multi-user, so that multiple users can simultaneously access the data. Thus, it is always ensured that all data remains consistent. Limitations are imposed on the partially or fully unauthorised users by means of configurable user rights (option). The export function of DEMASdb allows for the time series to be converted to different file formats and then to be passed on to third parties. With the evaluation software contained in DEMASdb DEMASvis the archived time series can be displayed in the clear form of charts and tables by clicking on the measuring points Explorer.