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The Sort-Rite Steam Cookers feature two(2) optional designs for bulk or tray cooking. The bulk cooker is equipped with a blue polypropelene modular high temp. Conveyor belt, where the tray cooker has a tray support and driven by a ss chain. The tray cooker can either be used for layer cooking or tray bulk cooking. A rigid design featuring a double walled cook chamber, where the inner wall is manufactured from type 316l stainless steel and the outer wall from type 304l stainless steel.

The double wall ensures heat containment inside the cook chamber. The cooking process is divided in four (4) phases mainly at phase 1 the preheat of 10°c product up to 35°c, entering phase 2 the actual cook process adjustable to desired temprature of between 90°c up to 98°c. Phase 3 is the first stage of pre-chill cooked product down to 35°c where the product is conveyed through a convex design submerging the product in ambient water halting the cook process and increasing the product yield. Phase 4 is the second stage of the pre-chill process, where a rainfall system sprays chilled water over the product. The complete cook process is controlled by a state of the art electronic touch pad control panel enclosed in a nema 4x enclosure. Strategically positioned sensors, control functions and 100 product memory allowing input and recall of product parameters with the touch of a button. Steamflow is controlled by an electronic modulating control valve. The steam is distributed through a pattern of injectors allowing steam to form a vortex saturating the cook area with steam in phase 2 of the cook process. The Sort-Rite Steam Cookers are designed where no steam can escape utilizing water seals created by the preheat and prechill process. No exhaust duct is necessary to be installed. The Sort-Rite Steam Cookers are equipped with pneumatic cylinders that can completely lift the top of the chamber enabling easy access to the inner mechanism of the steam cooker for sanitation and maintenance purposes. Dimensions of cooker will vary with capacity requirement. Available capacities are 250 kg. Up to 1500 kg. Per hour. Higher capacities available upon special request. Electric power service available in 208,220,240 & 480 volts, 60 hz. And 380 volts, 50 hz. 3 phase. The Sort-Rite counterflow chiller is constructed of type 304l ss and designed to chill the product down to 5°c. Or lower. This chiller is used as a buffer in preparation of further process and/or iqf process which has an economic benefit in energy usage. Temperatures can be maintained by using ice and/or optionally, Sort-Rite has a heat exchanger available to recirculate, clean and chill the water for re-use. This unit comes complete with heavy duty wash down safe ss motors and a recirculating pump.

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