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- Model FS8060 - FS8060 Four Shaft Waste Shredder


FS80 series machines have a variety of functions and advantages. They have advantages in strong generability, standardization and modularization design, high interchangeability for their components. Their assistant blades are refined by forging and milling process and their main blades are made of special alloy steel with high strength and strong antiwear. The drive part takes advantage of gears transmission in the middle to make them rotate at different speeds. It's convenient to disassemble the screen. Such model is of beautiful appearance and precise configuration.

  • Plastic
  • Mixed waste
  • Solid industrial waste
  • Medical waste
  • E-waste
  • Steel drum
  • Plastic pail/frame
  • plastic bottle
  • Metal can
  • Metal pail
  • Intertexture bag
  • Electric ciruit board
  • Paper/ cardboard
  • Wood
  • And more......

Cutting chamber:800x600mm

Main blade rotation diameter:Ø245mm

Assistant blade rotation diameter:Ø270mm

Main shaft rotating speed: 25rpm

Number of main blades:30pcs

Number of assistant blades:30pcs

Thickness of blade:18.5mm

Motor power: 11+11kw

Screen diameter: 20mm

Machine dimension:L1840 x W1200 x H2200mm

Machine weight: 1800kg

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