A. Guastapaglia L`Irrigazione srl

A. Guastapaglia L`Irrigazione srl

Static Bars



Static bars allow to easily realize a fixed system in greenhouse or in open area with a total reliability. Bars consist of a 35mm hot-galvanized pipe, with rapid brass connecting unions, swift hooking with a 90° rotation, closing lock and bases where screwing the nozzle. Bases for nozzles insert can be made of brass or thermoplastic resin. First brass bases are welded to the pipes and then threaded in order to assure the perfect line of the nozzles. The standard insert thread is 3/8 withfort, but other types of threads are available on demand.

Pipes can be provided with bars of:

  • 5 mt with a holes pitch of: 1 mt or 1,66 mt
  • 6 mt with a holes pitch of: 1 mt, 1,50 mt, 2,00 mt and 3,00 mt.

On the bars can be placed a great variety of nozzles, each of them with a specific application.

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