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Straight Flush Systems


The Straight Flush system is designed to flush the slurry channels, beneath the slats, with pure pig slurry. The slurry is lead from the channel in the pig house, through a pipe system, to a reception pit or storage tank.   Based on years of experience our experts can tailor an individual system-solution for you, whether the pig house is for fatteners, weaners or sows. We are happy to guide you in choosing a Straight Flush system, which e.g. considers the use of straw and the daily operation of your pig house. At Fog Agroteknik we offer two types of Straight Flush systems: The Original Straight Flush system and the Strong Rib system.

  • Economical solution without mechanical components
  • Guaranteed high quality: the system is VA-approved
  • Simple operation of the system and the workload is minimal
  • Long durability: the rubber rings are made of chemical- and acid- resisting materials
  • A healthy pig house environment for pigs and men, due to the minimum spill of hydrogen sulphide

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