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Supersense Purifier


SIGHT WINDOWS: Easy to observe product flow through removable sight Windows. PRODUCT DIVERTING VALVES: The purifed and sifted product is diverted into outled bunkers by easy adjustable valves. VIBRATION WEDGE: Carries the load of vibrating part of machine and absorbs the vibration to prevent its transfer into flor. AIR REGULATING VALVES: The amount of sucked air into machine is regulated accurately by these valves. PRODUCT INLET VALVE: Distribution of stocks on the sieves homogenously and evenly. VIBRATING MOTORS: Source of vibration to run the machine and purify stocks.Motor inclination is adjustable. MAIN VALVE: Required air amount is requlated easily by this valve. CLEANING COVER: For the cleaning of air into the system. LED LIGHTING: Product flow can be seen easily even in dark conditions. SIEVE FRAME LOCKS: Tightens sieve frames with easy assembly and dismantling. ALUMINUM SIEVE FRAMES: Sieve tension can be adjusted easily with bolts.

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