Danduct Clean

- Lightweight Manual Inspection Tool



TecCam is an easy to use lightweight manual inspection tool that can reach to 12 meter inside the ductwork, it weighs less than 2 Kg. The camera head with LED light is positioned at a flexible shaft that can pass numerous 90 bends. It fits through 40 mm. Openings and can maneuver through most turning vanes. The LED light source provides exceptional illumination with reduced glare on the duct surface.

There is no need for separate push rods, the single shaft design integrates the power and imaging cables within the flexible shaft. It is very wear resistant tool, with a tough outer jacket, that helps protect the wires from damage. Also it has great adaptability and can be attached to most clean-ing tools including duct brushes, whips and skippers.

The TecCam is delivered with a power supply and connection for monitor. The image from the camera can be viewed on any monitor with an AV-connection.

With additional Grabbee software you can also use a Laptop instead of the monitor, which allows you to record video clips and make photos on a CD for your customers.

  • Perfect in small duct
  • With LED light source
  • With holder and carrying bag
  • 12m cable

  • Power: 110V/230 V
  • Camera: Black & white or colour
  • Push cable Length: 12m
  • Light: LED
  • Weight: 1,7kg

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