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- Wafer & Lug Center Line Butterfly Valve



Rubber lined buttertly valve is a kind ot valve with thick polymer lining on the body and disc. The lining makes ihe body completely isolate from medium and provides excellent anti-corrosive performance. It is designed as a device to shut-of (or regulate the working medium (low and installed in pipelines  or vessels with medium of acid, alkali . salt and oxidant, reducing agent, organic solvent in chemical, petroleum, pharmacy, lood. iron and steel smelting.  paper making, water power plant etc. It can be served as gate valve, globe valves as well as other shutting ot( or regulating valves.

  1. Convey slurry, minium liquid led in ihe pipe, low flow resistance, rapid open-close. Irequeni operation.   
  2. Zero leakage in air test. Good sealing in bi-directional.   
  3. Easy dismantle and maintenance. Suitable for both vertical and horizontal installation.   
  4. Simple structure, small volume and light weight. Sensitive adjustment in 0-90* .   
  5. Various materials suits to various working medium and working conditions.   
  6. Straight line flow characteristics. Optimum regulating performance.   
  7. Simple and compact structure, low operation torque, light weight and labor saving, rapid open-close in 0-90' return.   
  8. Theopen & close test up to 10 thousands times and provides long service life.   
  9. A variety of operating mechanisms, such as electric, pneumatic and hydraulic suits to remote and program control up on request.   
  10. U can be served as gate valve, globe valve, plug valve, rubber tube valve and diaphragm valve etc.   

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