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Granutech Saturn Systems offers a complete line of tire recycling equipment designed to process scrap tires for recycling and repurposing for a variety of applications. With over 40 years of experience developing equipment to provide high quality rubber from scrap tires, Saturn tire shredders and complementary machines provide cost-effective options for shredding tires, separating rubber from steel and generating granulated or powderized rubber for recycling operations and clean steel. Our staff has decades of experience in the scrap tire industry, and we’ll make sure that the equipment we provide you will meet your specific recycling requirements.

Our product line of tire recycling equipment includes a wide range of custom shredders, grinders and granulators, Excelling in efficiency, durability, and reliability, our equipment can process tires to generate clean rubber crumb, and the finest, cleanest powder rubber for use in a variety of applications including:

  • Crumb rubber for playground surfaces
  • Rubber powder for sport/turf fields
  • Rubberized asphalt paving (rubber modified asphalt*)
  • Rubber powder for manufacturing of molded or extruded rubber parts

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