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- Model S1 - Handheld XRF Spectrometer



The S1 TITAN is among the lightest (1.44 kg, including battery) tube-based handheld XRF analyzers on the market today. Fast analysis speed and exceptional accuracy are two key attributes that help define the S1 TITAN.

Other innovative features include an integrated touch-screen color display, 50 kV X-ray tube, SMART Grade timing, SharpBeam optimized X-ray geometry, Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), and an extremely tough housing that is sealed against humid and dusty environments. Contact our sales team today to learn more about the innovative S1 TITAN!

The S1 TITAN series is available in two configurations, the S1 TITAN and S1 TITAN. Both use Bruker’s SharpBeam technology. The S1 TITANLE uses Bruker’s innovative SDD detector to give you incredibly fast analysis times. The S1 TITANSP is configured with a money-saving SiPIN detector. In addition, S1 TITAN can be configured with calibrations that are optimized for a variety of sample materials- including a wide range of alloys, various mining & environmental samples, as well as restricted materials.

SharpBeam technology

The S1 TITAN’s patent pending SharpBeam technology optimizes the detector and tube geometry. The optimized geometry has many desirable effects, including:

  • Reduces power requirements
  • Reduces weight
  • Improves measurement precision
  • Improved detection limits
  • Increases battery life


NEW! TITAN Detector Shield

  • Do you analyze metal turning or fine wires with your XRF gun?
  • Have you ever punctured your XRF gun’s detector?

Then you know that the cost to repair a detector can range from $4,000 to $7,000…plus potential down-time.

The TITAN Detector Shield can minimize these risks!

The S1 TITAN benefits at a glance

  • Available calibrations include: alloy, gold and precious metals, bulk material (E‐scrap and catalytic converters), soil, mining, restricted materials, and customer specific
  • Superior SDD detector technology
  • Superior count rates and resolution (compared to previous generation SiPIN instruments)
  • Faster than previous generations
  • Lower detection limits
  • Easy analysis of light elements, such as magnesium, aluminum and silicon, without the need for vacuum or helium atmosphere (S1 TITANLE only)

Calibration range (depending on specific calibration):

  • S1 TITANLE: 37 elements, including light elements Mg, Al, and Si
  • S1 TITANSP: 33 elements

Weight: 1.44 kg (3.17 lbs) with battery; 1.23 kg (2.71 lbs) without battery

  • Size: 25 cm x 28 cm x 9 cm (10 in x 11 in x 3.7 in)

Sample temperature:

  • S1 TITANLE: up to 150°C
  • S1 TITANSP: up to 500°C


  • S1 TITANLE: SDD; peltier cooled

X-ray tube: Rh target; max voltage 50 kV

Filter changer: Five position motorized filter changer

Languages Supported: English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese

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