- Model PPT140 - Diaphragm Pump



It can be used for working with plant protection products and liquid mineral fertilisers admitted for trade in Poland. For other purposes the pump can be used only after consultation with the manufacturer, under pain of losing the warranty. It is a diaphragm-piston pump, four-cylinder, on rolling bearings (shaft in the casing) and slide bearings (crank bearing). It is made of aluminium alloys, of plastic and good grades of steel, therefore it is resistant to corrosive effects of plant protection products  and liquid mineral fertilisers.

Description and technical features

Pump Tornado P-140 is available in the field and orchard version. The different versions differ in the following features:

the pump marked PST140 is an orchard pump with a shaft equipped with two splined endings to transmit the drive to the fan attachment,

  • the pump marked PPT140 is a pump for field sprayers with one splined ending of the shaft.

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