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- Model Type 3.DOT - Floating Turbidty Barriers



Type 3 is a special adaption of the Type 3 barrier. Approximately 20 % of the area of the barrier skirt fabric is replaced with a polypropylene filter fabric conforming to some State DOT specifications. The filter fabric is inserted to reduce the pressure on the curtain while retaining silt. In actual practice, a filter fabric which is woven tightly enough to retain silt will not significantly reduce pressure on the curtain. Conversely, if the filter fabric is woven loose enough to reduce the pressure on the curtain, it will not be able to retain most silt and sediment particles. In addition, the filter fabric cannot be heatsealed, and must be sewn into the curtain, resulting in a reduction in curtain strength and longevity.

The anchorage and installation must be designed to meet the site conditions. Barrier sections are connected by rope lacing or nylon ties which can be furnished by L & M Supply Floating turbidity barriers installed in moving water, tidal areas, and windy areas must be anchored to stay in position. 


FLOATING BARRIER SIZES:  Standard length:  50’.  Std. Depths:  3’, 5’, 10’.  Standard sizes are normally in stock ready for immediate shipment.  Custom lengths (up to 100’) and depths (from 2’ to 100’) are readily available for rapid manufacture and shipment.  Custom colors and accessories, such as LIGHTED NAVIGATION BUOYS and ANCHOR KITS, are available.

Main body fabric is laminated vinyl/polyester having the following characteristics:

  • Construction - vinyl laminate on 9x9 1000x1300 denier polyester scrim
  • Weight – 18.5 oz. per sq. yd (434 gr./sq.m)
  • Adhesion – 24 x 20 lb./2”
  • Grab Tensile – 410 x 410 lb./in. (430 x 421 daN/5cm.)
  • Tear - 100 x 100 lb./in. (95 x 95 daN)
  • Hydrostatic – 600 psi (4167 kPa)
  • Cold resistance to crack: -40° F/C

Geotextile filter fabric inserted into skirt, approximately 20% of skirt area having the following characteristics:

  • Construction - woven polypropylene
  • Minimum average roll values:
  • Grab Tensile (ASTM D-4632) - 370/250 lb (1.64/1.11kN)
  • Grab Elongation (ASTM D-4632) - 15%
  • Mullen Burst (ASTM D-3786) - 480 psi (3300 kPa)
  • Puncture (ASTM D-4833) - 135 lb (.60 kN)
  • Trapezoidal Tear (ASTM D4533) - 100/60 lb (.444/.265 kN)
  • AOS (ASTM D-4751) - 70 sieve (.212 mm)
  • Permittivity (ASTM D-4491) - .28/sec.
  • Flow Rate (ASTM D-4491) - 18 gal/min/sq. ft. (730L/min/sq. m)

All main body seams are heat sealed. All geotextile seams are sewn double needle type 301. 5/8 in. poly rope reinforced vertical edges. #5 brass grommets on vertical edge and every 10’ across bottom on barriers over 10’ deep 5/16 in. galvanized steel 7x19 load cable in top, 9800 lb. break strength (4455 kg.) 5/16 in. galvanized chain ballast in bottom Aluminum stress plates at cable and chain termination EPS flotation, (8 in. x 8 in. standard), 26.7 lb./ft. buoyancy in fresh water, 28.4 lb./ft in saltwater.

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