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PCB-transformers are drained and cleaned inside with solvents. After this cleaning process the transformer is opened and all the parts are separated. Copper and aluminium windings will be stripped from their insulation materials. Copper, aluminium and sheet metal will then be rinsed with fresh solvents to clean them for save re-use by metal companies (and are recovered for their economic value). Solvents will be cleaned by vacuum distillation. The volume of the fluid contaminated PCB is reduced to its minimum (residue of distillation). The PCB-concentrate will be collected together with the PCB-oil from the transformer to be chemically processed in Rotterdam to recover Chloride from it. This Chloride will be used as base material for production of new products. The recycling rate for PCB transformers with Orion's process is approx. 95%. Only the insulation materials that count for 5% of the total materials are incinerated in a high temperature incinerator.

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