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Alfa Laval's Tri-Clover 5308 and 5309 Series ball valves are dependable and versatile valves, ideal for applications which require a full-flow body design to minimize line turbulence and pressure drop. These ball valves are known for their reliability and easy maintenance, and they are an economical drop-in replacement for the Tri-Clover 4300 series.

The 5308 (Tri-Clamp® connections) and 5309 (butt weld connections) valves are available in seven sizes, with pneumatic actuators or manually operated handles. An optional encapsulated seat reduces the risk of product entrapment.

  • 5308
  • 5309

5308/5309 Series ball valves are suited for a variety of applications. Sanitary ball valves are the go-to valve for applications like water, air, and ingredient lines, where reliability and ease of maintenance are priorities. The full-bore design is ideal for handling viscous fluids or fluids with solids or semi-solid particles while minimizing turbulence and pressure drop. A constant inner diameter allows for free fluid flow and even allows for the use of product recovery projectiles.


The Tri-Clover 5308/5309 ball valve consists of a stainless steel body that houses a rotating ball. The rotating ball is sealed in the body with a PTFE seat that either partially or fully encapsulates the ball. The valve is activated by a stainless steel handle that opens and closes the valve through a quarter turn. The valve can also be operated by an optional ¼ turn pneumatic actuator. External thrust springs maintain constant pressure on the stem packing. The stem and packing design eliminate the possibility of the stem becoming dislodged or blown out.

The 5308/5309 valve is available in seven end connection sizes: ½, ¾, 1, 1½, 2, 3, and 4 inch. Both Tri-Clamp (model 5308) and butt weld (model 5309) connections are available.

  • Pneumatic air-to-air actuator
  • Pneumatic air-to-spring actuator

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