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The Series 6300 CA-CALC Compliance Protocol Exhaust Emissions Analyzers guide consultants and boiler service professionals through each step of the CTM-34 test protocol, provide mass emissions calculations of exhaust emissions and print reports on site. These features streamline the testing process so the user can complete periodic combustion testing quickly and with ensured accuracy. Additional CA-6300 features include TSI's innovative sample conditioner for hands-free continual moisture removal and a standard low cost/low maintenance emissions probe.

The portability and easy validation of test data make this rugged analyzer the ideal analyzer for researchers who would benefit from field testing diesel systems during the R&D of low-NOx and heat recovery systems.

The Series CA-6300 analyzers use TSI’s convenient factory-calibrated, field-replaceable sensors. The basic unit measures O2, CO, NO, NO2, NOx, draft, and ambient and stack temperatures. Optional sensors are available for measuring SO2 and CO (0–2%).

Features and Benefits 

  • Models available that provide O2, CO, NO, NO2, NOx, SO2, CO2, ambient temperature, stack temperature, differential temperature, draft pressure, efficiency, excess air and lambda
  • Replacement sensors are shipped pre-calibrated for field installation
  • Text indication when sensors need replacing due to calibration drift
  • CTM-34 Compliance Protocol integral to the analyzer
  • Easy validation of the accuracy of test data
  • Low maintenance sample conditioner provides hands-free continual moisture removal to prevent scrubbing of acid gases
  • Continuous pump flow monitoring
  • Data memory for up to 40 verified data sets and automatically 680 logged data sets


  • Plant maintenance
  • Boiler emissions monitoring
  • Boiler and burner service and repair
  • Source emissions monitoring and reporting
  • Periodic monitoring and compliance reporting

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