Type 3680 - Vibration Monitoring Terminal

Measure unattended vibration related to structural damage, sensitive machinery disturbance and human response with our Vibration Monitoring Terminal Type 3680. The robust Vibration Monitoring Terminal provides real-time data that enables users to prevent harm to buildings, ensure regulatory compliance and meet social license obligations.

  • Protect against structural damage risks in construction and mining
  • Assess human response to vibration from road and rail traffic
  • Monitor background vibration to ensure sensitive equipment operates correctly

The innovative system provides ground vibration measurements in real time. It automatically alerts about impending vibration limit breeches and delivers regulatory compliance reports. 

In addition, the Vibration Monitoring Terminal reliably assesses human vibration impact from traffic. Data can be used to conduct background surveys prior to new construction and to effectively evaluate vibration mitigation techniques.

It also monitors background vibration to ensure sensitive equipment and procedures are not disturbed. This can help ensure patient comfort at medical facilities, correct operation of semiconductor machinery and reduced risk of artefact damage at museums.

The system operates stand-alone or with Sentinel for comprehensive, multi-location, vibration compliance monitoring. The standalone version comes with a smartphone app enabling setup, remote display and operation from anywhere, and data transfer to standard post-processing applications.

  • Metrics for a wide range of applications
  • Continuous, uninterrupted monitoring 24/7
  • Real-time vibration alerts based on level and time of day
  • Real-time reporting and troubleshooting with Sentinel
  • Built-in remote access so you don’t need to go on site to retrieve data
  • A single tri-axial geophone for full coverage of vibration levels
  • Rugged, self-contained unit including tri-axial real-time measurement, wireless communication, back-up battery and environmental protection
  • Power-lean device with in-built system health monitoring
  • Sturdy and anonymous design

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