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The slow-speed TYRANNOSAURUS Biocrusher is our latest development for reducing untreated material in crushing stations. Since the first generation introduced in 1984 under the brand name of ECO-Crusher, it has proved to be economical and efficient in reducing combustible raw materials like: wood-based waste, logging residues & stumps, stalky plant and vegetable-based residues, packaging materials, cardboard and paper, pallets, etc.

The raw material can be loaded into the crusher direct from a vehicle or by means of a BIOSAURUS Step Feeder. The produced particle size is typically 70 mm, suitable for burning in both fluidized bed and grate power boilers.

BIOSAURUS Biocrushers feature:

  • sturdy, heavy-duty design, yet space-saving
  • simple construction - low operating and maintenance costs
  • wear resistant, changeable and turnable teeth
  • patented tooth fixing design
  • practically dust-free operation
  • slow-speed mode of operation minimizes the risk of fire and damages from stones and metals

BIOSAURUS Crushers are available in either one-rotor or two-rotor designs with various drive alternatives depending on the capacity requirements and materials to be crushed.

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