Hazar A.S- Hazar Water Treatment

Hazar A.S- Hazar Water Treatment

Ultrafiltration System


Ultrafiltration technology, which is becoming a preferred technology in industrial applications, provides economical and efficient solutions for advanced water treatment. Its simple operating system, high efficiency (-90%) and low costs, when compared with the effective and successful treatment results that can be obtained through the system, ensure that ultrafiltration systems are considered in numerous different applications in water treatment industry.

HZR TECHNO UF Ultrafiltration modules serve as a complete barrier against bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms with its membrane structure with pore size of 0.02 microns, without the need for using other chemicals. It filters all particles with pore size larger than 0.02 microns and thereby offers a turbidity rate less than 0.1 NTU and an excellent filtration capability in the filtration of organic substances.

As known, one of the most common methods in elimination of the microbiological pollutions occurring in drinking water is chlorine dosing of the water. Although chlorine dosing is very effective in elimination of microorganisms, it does not eliminate them with 100% efficiency; the organisms that are resistant to disinfectants, such as some spore forming microorganisms, can only be caught by Ultrafiltration membranes. Since the size of pores used in the membranes of ultrafiltration systems is smaller than that of microorganisms, it is possible to securely treat water with 100% efficiency. In addition, it is known that the organic substances in water and chlorine compounds form THMs [trihalomethanes) and the toxic impact of this THM causes irreversible discomforts in human body. In this sense, not adding any additive in water, not releasing residues and not producing unwanted oxidative  substances  are  the  most  important  advantages  of  ultrafiltration  systems.

HZR TECHNO UF ultrafiltration modules are used not only for excellent filtration of surface waters, but also for preliminary treatment of wastewater recovery and seawater reverse osmosis systems. Thus, the load on the membranes in reverse osmosis systems is reduced and a longer service life and an improvement in the feed water quality are achieved.

Main Applications:

  • Food and dairy industries
  • Pharmaceutical industry (enzymes, antibiotics)
  • Textile industry
  • Chemicals industry (oil-water mixtures, paint recycling]
  • Paper industry
  • Leather industry
  • Water treatment (Disinfection, preliminary treatment before RO and NF, etc.]
  • Recovery of wastewaters (advanced treatment).

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