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UV5Nano Spectrophotometer


The Life Science Micro-Volume Master - The UV5Nano allows micro-volume measurements with only 1 μL of sample, as well as standard cuvette applications. LockPath™ technology secures pathlength accuracy and repeatability. It comes with a wide range of pre-defined direct measurement applications and METTLER TOLEDO methods typically used in Life Sciences (biotech and biopharma), e.g. nucleic acid and protein analyses.

The UV5 Excellence instruments optimize spectroscopic workflows effectively. FastTrack™ technology
makes for speedy and reliable measurements.
Trustworthy spectroscopic performance is combined with intuitive and efficient One Click™ operation. The UV5 provides simplicity in UV/VIS spectroscopy with easy direct measurement applications. UV/VISspectroscopy was never so easy and reliable to use
thanks to:
• UV5 – simple and fast
• Compact modularity
• Direct measurements and methods

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