- Hammer Rate For Complimentary Module


Dakota's UVOST product efficiently delineates petroleum, oil, and lubricant (POL) contaminants in the subsurface. All the usual forms of POLs, including; gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, and hydraulic fluids, can be detected via the fluorescence response of their polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) constituents.

UVOST's LIF technique, in conjunction with direct push deployment, yields a detailed three-dimensional map of the NAPL distribution, in real time - offering a true seek-and-find adaptive site characterization capability as promoted by U.S. EPA's TRIAD approach. UVOST is offered by multiple providersthroughout the world.

  • Typical detection limit of 10-500 ppm (NAPL type and soil dependent)
  • Operates effectively above and below the saturated zone
  • Fast! – probe may advance at roughly 0.8 in/sec (2 cm/sec) without pause
  • Typical daily productivity of 300-500 feet across 10-20 locations
  • One inch data density coupled with nearly instantaneous response provides continuous detailed log of product distribution and heterogeneity
  • Color-coded logs for the ultimate in qualitative information at a glance
  • Waveforms offer product identification/verification and rejection of non-contaminant fluorescence such as mineral, peat, and other minor interferents
  • Advanced UVOST data analysis service from Dakota harvests waveform information to allow custom analyte isolation and/or interference rejection in the logs
  • CPT and percussion (Geoprobe/PowerProbe) deliverable – if direct push sampling gets there, UVOST can get there

UVOST and MIP are not equivalent, each has a role to play. Many of our UVOST service providers offer both technologies since they apply to distinctly different forms of contamination. Most technicians report that they prefer to operate UVOST over MIP since there are far fewer variables and less maintenance. In practice the MIP systems requires a greater amount of expertise on the part of the provider and has significantly higher expendable costs.

  • Designed specifically for NAPLs containing PAHs (source term)
  • Smooth and hard sapphire window is slick like Teflon - resists dragging NAPL down or smearing
  • Nearly instantaneous rise/fall - and 100% reversible response
  • UVOST does NOT see any useful levels of response to dissolved phase PAHs or VOCs
  • UVOST shows intimate detail of NAPL distribution (relative to MIP)
  • UVOST provides readily interpreted spectral information in real time
  • UVOST is blind to halogenated DNAPL - unless it was used to degrease PAHs

  • Specifically designed for VOCs
  • Encountering NAPL's sticky semi-VOCs often cause transfer line/carryover problems
  • Difficult to find bottom of NAPL due to carryover and resulting lag time
  • Logs require more experience and expertise to interpret (compared to LIF)
  • Less durable downhole components require more maintenance and replacement down time

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