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- Extrusion System


Different requirements call for different solutions. Modular solutions which are configured exactly for your particular application. VACUREMA gives you this flexibility in impressive style. With this patented process you can count on the best established and most used technology for the recycling of post consumer PET bottle flakes, PET in-house waste and also PE-HD bottle flakes. There are currently more than 150 VACUREMA systems in use around the world, producing high-quality pellets and end products with an overall capacity of over 1 million tonnes. A wealth of experience which guarantees you maximum operational reliability of your system with flexibility in the application at the same time. In the form of a turnkey recycling solution which is customised for the requirements of your end product. One that also runs with the lowest possible energy and production costs.

Extremely flexible with input material

Depending on the end application the system processes PET bottle flakes, ground amorphous skeleton waste/edge trim and virgin material (also in mixtures), i.e. bulk densities of 250 to 850 kg/m³.

Highly efficient food contact compliant decontamination

Thanks to the patented pre-treatment of PET flakes, IV increase and decontamination are fast, reliable and energy-saving. This means that FDA quality (among other things) can be ensured for the end products produced.

IV stability through vacuum treatment

Despite varying moisture levels and different IV values in the input material, stable IV values are achieved through the patented pre-treatment method. This means, therefore, that input

materials with higher material moisture levels can also be recycled.

Melting under vacuum

The patented pre-treatment at raised temperature and in high vacuum before the extrusion process removes moisture and migration materials from the feedstock very effectively and in a stable process environment. This prevents any hydrolytic and oxidative decomposition of the melt in the extruder.

Low thermal stress

The very short extruder screw without additional extruder degassing reduces the thermal stress on the material through minimised dwell time.

Large area ultrafine melt filtration

EREMA filter systems have very large active filter surfaces. This enables filtration with up to 32 μm fineness at low pressure. The result is highly clean pellets.

Compact design

Due to their compact design, VACUREMA® systems require much less space than other systems.

Minimum production costs with ecoSAVE®

Thanks to integrated ecoSAVE® technology, VACUREMA® systems stand out through the lowest production costs of all systems on the market.

Smart Start principle

The plant‘s software-based process control system gives you extremely easy and reliable operation and premium user-friendliness including automatic start-up at the press of a button,

fully automatic continuous operation, permanent monitoring for direct food contact (FCC) and the storage of all relevant process parameters.

Turnkey solutions

We deliver you turnkey systems with competent support from one contact for the entire recycling process: sorting – washing – decontamination – extrusion – quality control – end product.

  • Lowest thermal „heat history“ through single energy input
  • IV build-up: 6 to 10% through the use of two additional crystallisation dryers
  • Batch operation – guaranteed, adjustable dwell times in the two crystallisation dryers ensure maximum cleaning ef ficiency
  • NEW! AA (acetaldehyde) content in pellets less than 1 ppm – possible in combination with optional pellet flusher

  • Total production costs for rPET from PET flake only approx. € 0.10 per kg of finished BTB pellets
  • rPET pellets identical in consistency and appearance as virgin material, choose between amorphous or crystalline with new CIC – Compact Inline Crystallisation
  • Compact, space-saving design

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