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- Diver Data Cable



Deploying a Diver on a Diver communication cable saves time on downloading and provides real-time data. Connect your laptop, equipped with Diver-Office or Diver-Field, to the Diver Data Cable using the Smart Interface Cable to program and read data from the Diver. Available in lengths from 1 meter to 300 meters. The Diver-Mate can be connected directly at the top connector of this cable.


  • Program, read data, stop and start from the top of the well.
  • Read Diver data using the Diver-Mate.
  • User-adjustable standard lengths.
  • Custom lengths.
  • One eye technology.


  • No redeploying and displacement of the Diver after reading data.
  • Fit the cable to your needs.
  • Easy installation.
  • Easily screws on the Diver, no alignment necessary.

  • Long term water level monitoring.
  • Groundwater monitoring networks.
  • Engineering and construction: Pump tests.
  • Aquifer characterization: Pump and slug tests.
  • Pollution monitoring: Landfill leachate monitoring.

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