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The ACCUDRY uses the difference between the surface tension of deionized water and isopropyl alcohol (IPA) vapor to produce a gradient that generates fast and effective drying of substrates. Also know as an IPA Dryer.

  • Surface tension ipa vapor drying yields substrates that are spotless and watermark-free.
  • The Accudry has been designed for ease-of-use, operating the IPA vapor dryer is as simple as load, set, run.
  • With no moving parts and no mechanical stresses, the elimination of spin drying dramatically reduces wafer breakage as seen in spin rinser dryers.

When integrated with cleaning and rinsing, this patented tool can provide an environmentally friendly process for drying wafers, silicon, ICs, solar cells, fuel cells, MEMS, disk drives, and much more. The vapor dryer can process a variety of substrate types and sizes in numerous batch configurations. The Accudry can be produced as a stand alone unit or integrated into a wet processing station.

  • Designed With Safety in Mind- Key safety interlocks, reliable and robust electronic components, IPA maintained at room temperature, emergency shut offs, intrinsically safe switches, critical components UL listed.
  • Flexible, Intuitive, Recipe Driven Software- MFC's and all flows are under complete software control allowing for fully customized processes and run times. A 100 recipe capacity enables the flexibility to run many different substrates and materials in the same dryer.
  • Tank & Lid- Designed to customer specifications for optimized drying of any substrate material, size, and shape.
  • Patented Technology- System uses only 10ml of IPA per batch, no disposal required, unmatched cleanliness, no heated IPA, elimination of substrate touch points.
  • Maintainability- Access to subsystems front and back, quick access to electrical cabinet, separation of key subsystems, software includes maintenance menu and functions.

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