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VarioFilterPress was designed and developed in cooperation between Erbslöh Geisenheim AG, a leading producer of treatment and stabilizing agents for the beverage industry, and JKF Kübler Filtration Technologies as the source of engineering know-how. VarioFilterPress is specially designed to meet the requirements of the VarioSan® process for processing must lees (from sedimentation and flotation) and must filtration in the wine industry. The VarioFilterPress is normally used fitted with eSan-filter cloths, an innovative filter fabric available from Erbslöh.

The VarioFilterPress® is exclusively distributed by qualified specialty retailers serving the winery industry.

The VarioFilterPress® is normally used fitted with eSan-filter cloths®, an innovative filter fabric available from Erbslöh. The filter plates of VarioFilterPress® have a smooth surface meeting highest quality standards. Its stainless-steel connection fittings are specially designed to accomodate the process sequence and ensure high performance with ease of operation.

VarioFilterPress® is also available in a lacquered version wit eye-catching colours which showcase the special features of this expertly engineered equipment. 

Standard VarioFilterPress® versions are available in sizes 470, 630 and 800 with capacities ranging from 34 to 880 L. Custom sizes are available as well, of course, in accordance with your specific requests.

Like all JKF products, VarioFilterPress® stands out with rugged design and workhorse reliability.

VarioFilterPress® is available with a variety of options: 
  • Stainless-steel frame
  • Mobile version (for certain sizes)
  • Permanently mounted or mobile feed pump
  • Chamber-membrane design
  • Drip-tight filter plates

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